Customized Skin Therapy Session

Our Signature Corrective Treatment

An advanced fully customized facial that includes skin consultation, micro-sonic pore cleansing, enzymatic exfoliation, steam, targeted massage, extractions, custom blended mask treatments, and perfectly cocktailed finishing products designed specifically for your skins needs. GREAT FOR NEW CLIENTS!


All Skin Types/Concerns and Goals

$75 | 60 Min
$90 | 75 Min
$105 | 90 Min
Sapphire Skin Therapy Session

Photodynamic Therapy Acne Treatment

Acne bacteria is not always easy and requires multiple plans of attack to properly beat it without scarring. PDT is a non-invasive treatment that utilizes a spot diminishing ALA Hydrojelly mask that is activated with Blue LED  to shrink oil glands, reduce inflammation in the hair follicle, and eliminate acne causing bacteria in the skin. This treatment is highly effective and proven to treat wounds, acne, and infections. Includes all the benefits of our signature Skin Therapy Session!

$95 | 75 Min
Celluma LED Skin Therapy Session

A Corrective, Non-Invasive Treatment Designed by NASA

LED therapy or “Phototherapy” is the application of specific wavelengths of light energy to the skin tissue to obtain therapeutic benefits for a variety of skin conditions. This includes age management/wrinkle + fine line care, acne treatment, and pain management. 

LED has been widely researched and is clinically validated to provide amazing results in the skin! Celluma is the leading line in the medical and skincare industry for LED devices. This facial treatment includes an exfoliating cleanse, 20 minute Celluma LED application, and finishing serums + moisturizers. It’s the perfect “lunchtime” facial or treatment between your monthly appointments to help achieve results quicker and better the health of your skin. 


All Skin Types/Concerns and Goals

$30 | 30 Min
Skin Consultation

Not Sure Where to Start?

A full skin consultation and analysis to determine the best treatment and course of action for you! Consultation cost goes towards the cost of your first treatment/products. Please note that all treatments already include a Skin Consultation. This service is more so designed for those who don’t know where to start, or those looking for a new skin care regimen without a treatment.