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Acne Bootcamp Program

Your Journey to Clear Skin Starts Here

Feel like you’ve tried EVERYTHING to clear your acne, and nothing’s worked? We promise you haven’t tried anything quite like this! Element Skin Therapy’s “Acne Bootcamp” is a comprehensive, results-oriented treatment plan designed for all grades and types of acne. This program consists of 12-16 weeks of care and has a +90% success rate of clearing even the most stubborn forms of acne. See clear skin in just 3-4 months!


You will begin by booking our “Acne Bootcamp Program Enrollment”. This appointment will equip you with all the material you need to finally achieve clear skin! This appointment will also include your very first acne treatment/facial. During your consultation, we will discuss the ins and outs of acne, send you home with an acne care guide, and develop a customized home care regimen using Face Reality professional acne products. The cost for product ranges from $120-150, and includes 5-6 products. These are clinical-grade products customized for your type of acne. 

From there, we will perform bi-weekly treatments that include the works! Every bi-weekly treatment will consist of a customized acne treatment, extractions, high-frequency, LED therapy, and another consultation to review your home care, progress, + make changes to how you are using your products at home. 

Please note — clients are required to commit to the home care products, treatments, and possible lifestyle/dietary changes that may be necessary. To get you clear as quick as possible, it’s recommended you come in every 2 weeks for your treatments during the initial 12-week period. If that commitment can not be met, it’s still required that you touch base with us virtually so we can make the necessary protocol adjustments to your home care regimen. 


We are SO excited for you to start this journey with us! Whether you’ve recently been struggling with acne, or have fought the battle your entire life — this program is designed to give you maximum results in the shortest time frame possible with NO harsh medications. 

  • Acne Bootcamp Program Enrollment: $105

  • Acne Bootcamp Bi-Weekly Treatment: $75 

  • Acne Bootcamp Bi-Weekly Virtual Treatment: $35 

*Pricing shown is base pricing



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